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Resources for teaching

Applied Epistemology syllabi

Below is a curated selection of syllabi in applied epistemology, broadly construed, that we hope will be useful for those wishing to teach in this area. Thanks to the authors of these syllabi for permission to share them here, and to Genae Matthews for collecting them. If you would like to have a syllabus considered for inclusion on this page, please email Alex Worsnip at aworsnip [at] unc [dot] edu.

Undergraduate syllabi

Applied Epistemology | Prof. Sarah Moss | University of Michigan

Deciding What (and Who) to Believe | Prof. Zoë Johnson King | Harvard University | Spring 2023

Echo Chambers, Experts, and Disagreement | Prof. Molly O’Rourke-Friel | Ursinus College | Fall 2022

Epistemic Justice | Prof. Sam Director | Florida International University

Knowledge and Society | Prof. Aliosha Barranco Lopez (now Bowdoin) | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Spring 2021

Knowledge and Society | Prof. Alex Worsnip | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Fall 2022

Knowledge, Ignorance, and Democracy | Prof. Michael Hannon | University of Nottingham | Spring 2021

Graduate syllabi

Applied Epistemology | Dr. Elise Woodard (now KCL) | MIT | Spring 2023

The Epistemology of Bias | Prof. Kevin Dorst (now MIT) | University of Pittsburgh | Fall 2021

The Epistemology of Controversy | Prof. Kevin Dorst | MIT | Fall 2022

Legal Epistemology | Prof. Jennifer Lackey | Northwestern University | Fall 2022

Political Epistemology & Democratic Theory | Prof. Alex Worsnip | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Fall 2021