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Following each of our annual workshops, the AEP produces short videos featuring some of the speakers giving short (5-10 minutes), accessible presentations of their talks.

2023 Workshop Videos

We have five videos to share from the second workshop, on the epistemology of science communication:

Carole Lee (Washington), “Certified Amplification: An Emerging Scientific Norm and Ethos”


Robin McKenna (Liverpool), “The Ethics and Epistemology of Persuasion”


Cailin O’Connor (UC Irvine), “Curation as Disinformation”


Bill Sandoval (UCLA), “Teaching as Science Communication”


Dannagal Young (Delaware), “Epistemology as Social Identity”


2022 Workshop Videos

We have four videos to share from the first workshop, on the epistemology of the media:


Yuval Avnur (Scripps), “Mindsets and Motivations: Cults, Conspiracies, and Echo Chambers”


Jianing Li (USF), “Not All Skepticism is “Healthy Skepticism”: Theorizing Skepticism Towards Social Media Misinformation”


Alice Marwick (UNC), “Down the Rabbit Hole: False Knowledge Claims and Populist Expertise”


Shannon McGregor (UNC), “Both Sides When There’s Only One: Why We Need a Democracy-Centered Model for Journalism”